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The meetings and tours listed are organised by or in conjunction with AJHS (Vic) the
Australian Jewish Historical Society (Victoria)
Meetings are held in Melbourne, and usually take the form of evening presentations, and occasionally are forums or mini-conferences . We also organise guided tours to Jewish Historical sites in in Melbourne, and to like sites in the country as far afield as Broken Hill.

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Meeting on 20071213 Beyond the Bund - Life in Shanghai ( Robin Grow ).
In the years before WW2, many Jews sought security in Shanghai. This presentation covers their reasons for going to Shanghai, enhanced by their ability to enter the city without travel documents. Robin\\\'s talk will cover Jewish communal life within the city, graced by the glorious Art Deco Beth Aharon Synagogue.
Meeting on 20071108 150th Anniversary EMHC ( R Levi Howard Ftreeman )
This special meeting of the Australian Jewish Historical Society will mark the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation. The meeting, actually held in the CBD located synagogue, will learn of the fascinating origins and history of the congregation and of its synagogues.
Meeting on 20071025 Our Jewish Community a Tale of Two Thoughts ( Ephraim Finch )
In his role in the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha Ephraim Finch has collected and assembled detailed background history about the Melbourne Jewish Community, including hidden details about our many holocaust survivors.
Meeting on 20070823 Nathan Spielvogel Teacher Author Historian ( Dennis Spielvogel )
On Thursday 23rd August, 2007, Dennis Spielvogel will discuss his famous grandfather Nathan Spielvogel, who was born 1874 in Ballarat.
Meeting on 20070510 The Jewish School Debate ( Simon Tisher )
On Thursday May 11 at 8pm at the JMA Simon Tisher discusses the creation of Mount Scopus College in the 1940ís and the intense debate at the time.
Meeting on 20070322 Internment Experiences WWII ( Klaus Neumann)
Klaus Neumann a research professor at Swinburne University will discuss internment experiences in Australia during WWII, drawing on material from his recent book, \'In the Interest of National Security\'.
Meeting on 20070208 Jews in UK and Aus Dictionaries Biography ( Bill Rubinstein)
Prof WR ( Bill ) Rubinstein will discuss the coverage of notable Jews and entries in both the Australian Ditionary of Biography and its UK counterpart the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB)

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