The Archives of the Australian Jewish Historical Society Victoria
The Archives & Library of the Australian Jewish Historical Society Victoria
The Archives of the Australian Jewish Historical Society Victoria

The records of many organizations and institutions collected over many years by the Australian Jewish Historical Society Victoria Inc were transferred during 2004 to the custody of the Victorian State Library:
See: Significant Collection Transferred to The Library
Also in 2004 the large and important genealogical holdings of the AJHS Victoria were relocated within the collection of the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society, at the Machor library. In 2009 an expansion of the space available to the Makor library ennabled the establishment of a section that houses the extensive library of AJHS Vic.

Our archival holdings are located in the Australian Manuscripts Section of the State Library of Victoria. They consist of 107 separate collections, all sorted and indexed over many years. At this date not all items in the archive have been fully processed by the SLV. Ultimately, all items in the archive will become available for public access, with some customary sensible restrictions. To search and use the archive, the first step to ring staff in the Manuscripts Section of the SLV on (03) 8664 7007 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.
The spectrum of the archive is huge and covers congregations, organisations and individuals, as well as places, personalities and events. The records include correspondence, minute books, films, periodicals, videotapes, audiotapes, images, microfiche and microfilm and CD-ROM. Alphabetically, the provenance of the records ranges from 'Arch Ellis'to 'YMHA:, and they truly cover almost the whole Victorian Jewish experience from the earliest days. The sheer size and complexity of this archive means, however, that the manuscript librarians at the SLV will need time to completely 'digest' the material so that it can be more easily accessed by students and scholars or even the simply curious.
It is the policy of this Society to welcome, and indeed encourage, all forms of bona-fide scholarship related to the material within our archives This policy will be facilitated by the helpful and insightful assistance of the manuscript librarians at SLV, the staff at JMA, and the volunteers at AJGS.
General inquiries can always be directed to the President of AJHS Vic Inc, Howard Freeman, at
or the Honorary Secretary, Liz James, at


Our extensive and important library is accessible each Sunday from 2.00 - 5.00 in
The Les Obermann Room
The Lamm Library of Australia
304 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South 3162

If access is needed at other times please contact our Hon. Sec. Liz James by email to

You can browse the titles of books in this collection by downloading the contents as an Excel file

ACCESSING THE AJHS VIC. Genealogical Collection
The large and important genealogical holdings of the AJHS are now housed with the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (Vic). Most items are available within the AJGS Collection at the Makor Library. Inquirers should contact email the AJGS (Vic) at or contact the Honorary Secretary of the AJGS (Vic), Lionel Sharpe, on (03) 9523 6738.