AJHS (Vic) is a group of people with an interest in the fascinating story of Australian Jewish history. Several times a year we conduct a meeting, open to non-members, where a speaker, or occasionally a panel of speakers, discuss an issue Meetings are usually held at the Melbourne Jewish Museum at 8pm on a Thursday. We take pride in carefully selecting interesting speakers of genuine interest and enthusiasm. Here are the thumbnails of our recent speakers and topics.

The first thumbnail is the cover of the book by our speaker of November 2004, James Kirby, an investigative journalist, who had researched the attempted recovery by owners and their descendants, of jewellery and works of art looted by the Nazis. The last thumbnail is of Geoffrey Blainey who in November 2009 discussed recently discovered secret issues concerning Jews that inspired the pioneering voyages of British and French navigators to explore the Pacific. The abstracts of these presentations are marked by these thumbails in the listing you will see after clicking on "Meeting Diary with Abstracts" to left.

In conjunction with our sister society, AJHS [NSW] we produce a most professional Journal, members receiving two issues ("Parts") per year as part of their subscription. In recent years AJHS Vic has produced a number of special publications, which are supplied free to our members either in lieu of the November Issue of the Journal, or in addition to it.
Here are the covers of recent issues and special publications:

Note the last thumbnail of the above list -- its the cover of our most recent Special Publication. "My Dear Friends" is the biography of Rabbi Dr Sanger by Rabbi John Levi - a book of over 250 pages - and like all our Special Publications was supplied free to members.
A terse summary of each issue or special publication together with a table of contents for journal parts may be viewed. on the "Journal Homepage" using the link to the left. In 2007 AJHS Vic produced an Early Issues CD holding in digital form the first 1600 pages of the Journal. This was then supplied free to our members, and is still available for purchase.

Our extensive and important library is accessible each Sunday from 2.00 - 5.00 in
The Les Obermann Room
The Lamm Library of Australia
304 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South 3162

If access is needed at other times please contact our Hon. Sec. Liz James by email to secretaryATvic.ajhs.info [replacing AT by an ampersand "@" ]

You can browse the titles of books in this collection by downloading the contents as an Excel file

We are also concerned to preserve historical documents, as well as protecting the heritage of the Australian Jewish Community. Our professionally managed archives are held at the State Library of Victoria in Swanston Street, Melbourne. Note that for reasons of privacy and confidentiality much of the archives require specific permission of AJHS Vic to research. Click on the "Archives" tag to the left for further details.