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The home page for the Australian Jewish Historical Society, (AJHS), which has principal chapters AJHS Inc [NSW] based in Sydney and AJHS Victoria Inc based in Melbourne, with members in all states and overseas. The AJHS publishes the Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society, and maintains libraries and archives in Sydney and Melbourne. This site documents the Jewish experience in Australia, which began with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1778, and continued with Jewish involvement in all facets of the subsequent development and evolution of Australia. Follow the links to notices of meetings and historical tours, and to a timeline, references and sources, photos.

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The Beverley Davis Burial Data Collection - the BD-BD - holds the details from the headstones of over 40,000 Jewish graves in Australia and New Zealand, plus Australian War graves overseas and a few others. This database is fully searchable. A noteable feature is that Hebrew on headstones is converted to roman text. All genealogical information on each headstone is recorded, including the names of family members who perished in the Holocaust. Alternate URL is http://ajhs.info/cemetery.

Cumulative index for the AJHS Journal
The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal (AJHSJ) has been published since 1939, and contains a multitude of articles on the Jewish experience in Australia. For each completed volume, a comprehensive index was published, listing articles not only by author(s) and title, but by category of paper, and also by keyword and reference. Col Choat has optically scanned the indices from Volume 1, 1939, to Volume 17 (last issue was in 2004), to produce a comprehensive cumulative index to the AJHSJ. The large files thereby produced are now online, while Harvey Cohen has commenced developing programming schemes of searching and accessing this large amount of data most conveniently.

Index for the AJHS (Vic) Research Library
The books in the AJHS (Vic) Research Library comprise 1035 titles ranging from the classic well-known books on Australian Jewish History to several rare items. The library is stored at the Makor Library, 305 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield.
The index can be accessed by browisng to the Archives Page of this website, at www.arc.ajhs.info, then clicking on the tag to the left entitled Contents & Holdings Victorian Archives

Special Publications
Graphic NEW AJHS has in recent years produced invaluable special publications in Australian Jewish history -- both in book and digital media form. This section of our website gives full description of available publications, together with pricing and ordering information.

Our First Meeting for 2014
The 1913 Melbourne Cup Dream

In 1913, a non betting friend of Albert Coppell dreamt that No 5 Aurifer would win the Caufield Cup and No 8 Posinatus would win the Melbourne Cup. That night Albert had the same dream. He told his bookie mate, Sol Green, about the dream. Sol obviously thought Albert was going around the bend. The combination was being quoted at 660/1. Sol said “If you want to rely on dreams to pick the winners and waste your money I’ll bet you 1000/1 the double.” Albert wagered five pounds.
Neither of the horses had done much racing during 1913. The owners had given away the idea of making the trip to Melbourne. Albert Coppel wrote and persuaded both owners to enter their horses. He actually paid towards the trip to Melbourne.
Now as to very Australian Jewish history: Did both horses win? At 1000 to 1 !

Come to the AGM and learn more about this story and other speculative ventures by Albert Coppel.
AJHS (Vic) Annual General Meeting

On Thursday 27th February 2014 at 8 pm
at the
Jewish Museum of Australia
Gandel Centre of Judaica
26 Alma Road, St Kilda

Following the astonishingly brief AGM of The Australian Jewish Historical Society (Vic)

A/Prof Charles Coppel
will recount

Albert Abraham Coppel (1872–1950) progressed from suburban pawnbroker and moneylender to wealthy city financier and investor in property development until his speculation in buying and selling land on terms for subdivision led to his bankruptcy in the great economic depression of the 1930s. He was a risk-taker in his leisure activities as well as in his business affairs, with similar mixed success as punter, racehorse owner and lottery ticket purchaser.

Charles Coppel is an academic historian with a special interest in the ethnic Chinese of Indonesia. Since his ‘retirement’ in 2002 he has been exploring his own family history. He is Albert Coppel’s youngest grandchild.

All relatives and friends are most welcome.
Admission $8 members $10 non-members

Digest of Past Meetings and Tours of AJHS (Vic) is at www.ajhs.info/vic

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